Thursday, December 16, 2010

Verbs: Past Tense Revision

[Verb Tenses]

Adapted from Andy and Audrey Jackson: Advanced Grammar Worksheets Photocopy Master, Prentice hall International (UK) Ltd 1995.

The following passage revises the uses of the past tenses. Look out for the passives and negatives.

Put the verbs in the correct tense in the following passage.

Eventually, I (1)__________ (drop) off to sleep. the next thing I (2)__________ (know), the compartment (3)__________ (be) almost empty and the train stationary. Then I (4)__________ (realize) that the parcel (5)__________ (go)! I (6)__________ (wonder) which of the passengers (7)__________ (take) it, and if they (8)__________ (get) a shock when they (9)__________ (open) it. My watch (10)__________ (say) 3 a.m. We (11)__________ (reach) the border and the paper (12)__________ (be) still in my pocket. Then I (13)__________ (hear) heavy boots on the ground beside the carriage. I (14)__________ (run) to the toilet, (15)__________ (sit) on the seat and (16)__________ (stuff) the precious paper down the back of the mirror. I (17)__________ (sit) for what (18)__________ (seem) an eternity when a sharp rap (19)__________ (sound) on the door and it (20)__________ (kick) open by an angry-looking soldier. For a moment we (21)__________ (stare) at each other, but then he (22)__________ (mutter) an apology and (23)__________ (close) the door again. (24)_____ he _____ (see) the paper, I (25)__________ (wonder)? If he (26)__________ (see) it, he (27)__________ (take) it to his commanding officer, surely! I (28)__________ (take) the paper from its hiding place and (29)__________ (return) to my compartment. A moment later, a man in plain clothes (30)__________ (come) in, flanked by policemen. I (31)__________ (order) to hand over my passport and notebook. My heart (31)__________ (beat) wildly as they (33)__________ (search) through the papers. If only I (34)__________ (destroy) the incriminating papers which now (35)__________ (burn) a hole in my left shoe. But miraculously, my passport and papers (36)__________ (return) to me and I  (37)__________ (question) or (38)__________ (search). My precious paper (39)__________ (find) and hopefully I (40)__________ (be able) to deliver it in person.




    1. dropped
    2. knew
    3. was
    4. realized
    5. had gone
    6. wondered
    7. had taken
    8. had gotten
    9. opened
    10. said
    11. had reached
    12. was
    13. heard
    14. ran
    15. sat
    16. stuffed
    17. had been sitting
    18. seemed
    19. sounded
    20. was kicked
    21. stared
    22. muttered
    23. closed
    24. Had ... seen
    25. wondered
    26. had seen
    27. would have taken
    28. took
    29. returned
    30. came
    31. was ordered
    32. was beating
    33. searched
    34. had destroyed
    35. were burning
    36. were returned
    37. was not questioned
    38. searched
    39. had not been found
    40. would be able