Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Relating Ideas: Linking words and phrases 2

[Linking Words/Phrases]

In the following essay, the linking words and phrases are left out. For numbers 1-9, choose the most appropriate words or phrases from those given below. For numbers 10-16, fill in each blank with any word or phrase that makes sense.

Living in an ethnic community is very pleasant, (2) __________it definitely has some disadvantages. Let me explain what I mean through personal example.

(2) __________, when I came from Cuba to live in Miami, I was very happy (3) __________all my old friends were living in the same neighborhood I was. I didn't ever feel lonely. (4) __________, if I needed help with anything, (5) __________, with the language or the subway, someone was there to help me. For me, that was very nice (6) __________ it made me feel right at home.

A year later, (7) __________, my family and I decided to move from that area in order to live near where we worked. That day I began to feel that I was living in another country, in another city, in another Miami. My first problem came (8) __________ I tried to tell the landlord of our building that our regrigerator was broken. He didn't speak Spanish, (9) __________ I didn't speak English. Little things like that made me feel unhappy and insecure, (10) __________ I did not want to go back to my own ethnic community. (11) __________ I came to realize that I was not living in my country anymore. (12) __________, I was living in a new country, (13) __________I had to do things for myself. I had to learn a different culture, a different language, and different customs.

Living with my ethnic group was very comfortable, (14) __________, at the same time, in my opinion, it was harmful (15) __________ I didn't learn some of the essentials for survival in a foreign country, (16) __________ the language. It was an important, though painful lesson to learn.
1. a) on the contrary b) and c) but d) so
2. a) at first b) first c) although d) beforehand
3. a) because of b) besides c) because d) despite
4. a) however b) besides c) nevertheless d) first
5. a) to begin with b) though c) moreover d) for instance
6. a) even though b) at least c) although d) since
7. a) however b) but c) although d) for instance
8. a) as well as b) and c) when d) moreover
9. a) because b) but c) and d) since
10-16. Various answers 

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