Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Organizing Ideas

[Organizing Ideas]

The following sentence form an opinion essay, but they are in the wrong order. Working with a group, put them in logical order. Discuss how the underlined words and phrases help you. When you have finished, divide the sentences into paragraphs and write out the essay.

  • The elderly couple down the street from me, for example, spent over $20 on lottery tickets last week, and they have only their meager social security checks to support them.
  • I only wish to express my opinion, namely, that lottery games of all types should be abolished.
  • People who want to gamble would be better off in places like Las Vegas or Hong Kong where they would at least be using some skill.
  • I would like to express my concern at the growing number of lottery games in this country.
  • Just last month, a gang of youths tried to hassle people lined up to buy lottery tickets at my local newsstand, making a tremendous amount of noise in the attempt.
  • Second, while I do not object to gambling in principle, I feel that this particular kind, where no skill is required on the part of the player, is especially offensive and deadening to the intellect.
  • In conclusion, let me say that I do not wish to appear old-fashioned or anti-pleasure.
  • There are several reasons why I object to this kind of gambling.
  • Finally, the places where lottery tickets are sold often attract undesirable people to otherwise quiet neighborhoods.
  • First, the people who run the lotteries are taking substantial amounts of money away from people, many of whom are old and can least afford to lose it.


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