Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Showing Attitude


Below is a short interviews on the topic of smoking in public spaces. Fill in the blanks with words from the list that show the interviewee's attitudes to what he is saying.

Laws (1) __________ should dictate where people can smoke. (2) __________, I support laws that allow smoking only in one's own home or private office. For one thing, scientific research (3) __________ proves that smoking not only harms the health of smokers, it also harms the health of nonsmokers around them. Wives and children of smokers, for example, have been found to have more instances of lung cancer, ear and throat infections, and asthma than wives and children of nonsmokers. For another thing, nonsmokers must (4) __________ pay for the consequences of smoking, such as fires and increased costs of ventilation. (5) __________, we cannot depend on smokers to be considerate and respectful of the health and pocketbooks of those around them. (6) __________, for the good of all society, we need lays to tell smokers when and where to smoke.

1. a) confidentially b) certainly c) perhaps d) admittedly
2. a) in fact b) evidently c) presumably d) to my surprise
3. a) eventually b) to be honest c) clearly d) quite likely
4. a) in short b) fortunately c) unjustly d) to tell you the truth
5. a) in theory b) perhaps c) unfortunately d) unjustly
6. a) presumably b) in my opinion c) to my surprise d) officially


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