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ECPE - LST Parts I & II

ECPE - Parts I & II*

The listening section of the ECPE is delivered via audio recording. It has three parts for a total of 50 questions. Examinees hear segments and questions only once. On the actual test, the segments and questions are not printed in the test booklet; only the answers are printed.

Part I

In Part I of the listening section, examinees hear short conversations. From the three printed answer choices, they choose the answer that means about the same thing as what was heard or that is true based upon what was heard.

Question 1.
a) She has been there before.
b) She likes the food.
c) This is her first visit.

Question 2.
a) She thinks she should buy it.
b) It might not fit.
c) She likes it, too.

Question 3.
a) They'll leave at 3.
b) They'll both go home at 2.
c) They're both tired of work.

Question 4.
a) She met John 30 minutes ago.
b) John didn't give her the message.
c) John gave her the message.

Question 5.
a) She works there.
b) She never taught.
c) She doesn't work there anymore.

Part II

In Part II of the listening section, examinees hear a question. From the three answer choices given, examinees choose the best answer to the question.

Question 1.
a) I took some books.
b) As long as you want.
c) I missed the bus.

Question 2.
a) They fix everything.
b) They fix TVs too.
c) It's next door.

Question 3.
a) She'd lose her deposit.
b) She didn't have enough money.
c) She can still go.

Question 4.
a) No, it helps your sight.
b) No, it's quite safe.
c) Yes, it's very effective.

Question 5.
a) We have only unlined paper.
b) Well, Tom and Mary were working here.
c) He might have left already.

* Adapted from the ECCE Information Bulletin(FREE COPY), provided by the Testing and Certification Division of the English Language Institute - University of Michigan. For more, visit


  1. ECPE - LST Parts I & II

    Part I
    Question 1 - c
    Question 2 - b
    Question 3 - c
    Question 4 - b
    Question 5 - c

    Part II
    Question 1 - c
    Question 2 - a
    Question 3 - a
    Question 4 - b
    Question 5 - b